Raw nuts, mueslis, cornflakes and chocolate dragées in a package from manufacturer Gama Food

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Packaged nuts

Raw nuts, roasted nuts and dried fruits in a package from Gama Food

Packaged muesli

Cornflakes and mueslis in a package from Gama Food manufacturer

Packaged chocolate dragées

Chocolate-coated nuts, choco-crispy and caramel bars in a package from gama Food manufacturer

Breakfast cereals, crunchy muesli, chocolate dragées, dried fruits and nuts wholesale from Gama Food


Raw and roasted nuts - almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts. Gama Food

Trading with nuts and dried fruits is the main activity of the company since its foundation. The product range is specially selected by working with most appropriate suppliers. That ensures the high quality of our goods.


Fruit muesli, chrunchy muesli, natural muesli. Gama Food

For the muesli production we use high quality raw materials that contribute for the exceptional taste of our products. We offer this stock for wholesale and retail, by using our own special recipes.

Chocolate dragees

Chocolate coated dragees, choco balls, choco nuts. Gama Food

For a long period of time the company was only trading with nut products. However, thanks to the gained experience, the company diversified with the production of chocolate coated nuts.

Confectionery raw materials

Raw materials for confectionery

We offer a variety of confectionery, bakery and hotel raw materials. Most of them are manufactured by us such as diced caramelized nuts and sliced dried fruits.

  • Manufacturing of chocolate coated nuts, muesli, crunchy muesli (granola);
  • Manufacturing of confectionery and bakery materials;
  • Изпичане на различни видове ядки.
  • Roasting different kind of nuts;
  • Packaging different food products according to customers needs;
  • Address delivery by courier;

Over the years, the company developed activities such as trading, packaging and producing different kind of food products and materials. Most important for us is the high customer satisfaction. The main aim for Gama Food Ltd is expansion to foreign markets.

Skills and Experience
Manufacturing of muesli (20 years)
Manufacturing of chocolate dragees (15 years)
Manufacturing of dried fruits (12 years)

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We are convinced that thanks to good team and a positive work atmosphere, we make possible the realization of quality products. Our goals are aimed at continuous improvement of products, good price and last but not least, excellent service.